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“Just when you thought the days of boundary pushing in music had passed with the likes of The Sex Pistols and Nirvana , along comes Nikolista & The Comrades”
—  Michael Rampa

Nikolitsa Boutieros: Under the Moon

***What others are saying:

“Her heavy and dark voice curls out and under itself, readily jumping up into the frenzy of the music....”
—  Yve Lepkowski, The Aquarian Weekly

" Nikolitsa & The Comrades deliver on a promise of high voltage alternative, grunge, and post-punk rock."
—  - Phillip CartWright, Horizon VU Music

"...5 Stars. If you are a photographer, multi-media artist, musician or songwriter you will appreciate the level of creativity at work in this album "Under The Moon". You cannot escape the feeling of raw energy mixed with deep emotions. It's crazy's crazy good! If pop rock/grunge music has a voice, then I suppose it should be branded: Nikolitsa." - Daniel Abioye, MRU Magazine
—  Daniel Abioye, MRU Magazine"

“Under The Moon” is darkly intriguing punk grunge, frank and in-your-face rock ‘n’ roll.” - Janet Goodman @MusicNews Nashville